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I International H/Story Seminar The Popcultural Life of Science: Stories of Wonder, Stories of Facts

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data: 20 maj 2020
miejscowość: Katowice (Śląskie)
koszt: 250zł
publikacje: recenzowane materiały
Obszary tematyczne

We invite scholars of various fields to present their take on the popcultural life of science: examples, consequences and side effects of popularisation of scientific knowledge through weird tales, strange fictions and stories of wonder. The seminar is intended as a workshop and speakers are to submit their papers beforehand. During the seminar, each speaker briefly summarises the main points of their work; afterwards, all the participants are invited to take part in a discussion.

Among the specific themes that might be covered in ten-minute long presentations are the following (the list is by no means exhaustive):

• popcultural representations of science and scientists
• scientification of popculture versus “popculturing” of science – mechanisms, processes, consequences and side effects
• relationships between scientific and popcultural discourses
• how to “science” in the age of Instagram – popularity, money and responsibility
• tale of science or tale of wonder?
• “get fact” – science in the service of clicks
• popcultural narratives of scientific problems – scientific facts or myths
• mythbusting – demystifying and remystifying science in popculture
• popculture as new mythology of science
• mythos, pathos and logos in the stories of science
• funification of science
• popcultural functions of science
• popculture as science/science as popculture
• popcultural contributions to science

We welcome scholars from various academic fields to submit their proposals by 9 February 2020. Abstracts (no more than 150 words) should be emailed to Notifications of acceptance will be sent out by 12 February 2020. Further deadline and editorial details on submitting texts prior to the seminar will follow.

recenzowane materiały - szczegóły publikacji
A selection of papers will appear in a Web of Science indexed journal and/or in a post-seminar monograph issued by a prestigious publisher.
Adres konferencji
Centrum Informacji Naukowej i Biblioteka Akademicka
ul. Bankowa 11a
40-007 Katowice
szczegóły płatności
The seminar fee is 250 PLN for participants from Poland and 60 EUR for international participants, and it includes a meal, coffee breaks and seminar materials.
dane organizatora
Grupa badawcza H/Story Uniwersytet Śląski w Katowicach

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strona internetowa: http://
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